Shipping Methods

Streamlined Options for Hassle-Free Transactions

CardTrader Preset Shipping Methods

On CardTrader we offer preset shipping methods for all of our users. This gives everyone the opportunity to start selling immediately without going through an initial set up.

Shipping methods and their thresholds are constantly checked and updated by our team in order to provide you a service of quality.Private users can only use our preset shipping methods, while professional users can create their own methods and fully customize their shipment offer by adding any service they wish to use with their own pricings and thresholds.

Any user can switch a specific shipping method off, for example you may not want to ship your cards with an untracked shipping method: just go to the shipping panel ( ProfileSettings Shipping and delivery) in your profile and switch off any undesired shipping methods.

Should you see something wrong with the preset shipping methods of your country don’t hesitate to contact us, we will fix any issues promptly.

Third Party Payments

For the first 10 shipments, whether you are a private or a professional user, buyers may only select a tracked shipping method when purchasing from you. After the 10th confirmed and received order, buyers will be able to buy from you with untracked shipping methods as well. CardTrader has a centralized third party payment system.

For tracked shipments, money is withheld by us until the shipment is marked as “Arrived” by the buyer who placed the order.
On the other hand, our third party system and our protection are not active for orders for which an untracked shipping method was selected, and the credit is transferred as soon as the seller marks the order as “Shipped”.
We do this because we cannot verify untracked shipments.

CardTrader Zero Shipment Policy and Credit Timing

Credit from CardTrader Zero sales is withheld until the order the CardTrader warehouse receives the package and the order is verified by our staff.

The seller bears all risks involved with the shipment of their CardTrader Zero orders towards one of our warehouses, CardTrader doesn’t cover any loss or damage for packages sent to one of our warehouses for CardTrader Zero orders: we therefore strongly suggest that you select a reliable and fast shipping method and be sure to pack all items properly following our guidelines.

Please visit the CardTrader Zero Terms of Service page to obtain complete information about how CardTrader Zero orders are handled.

CardTrader Zero Shipping Methods to End Customers

Thresholds and pricings for end customers can be found here.

Several different shipping methods may be available, depending on whether singles or sealed products were purchased.